Why do the Alien species feel not that advanced for the sheer amount of time they were around?

It bugs me thinkijg about this but heres the thing.

The guardians and thargoids have been space faring civilisdations for millions of years. MILLIONS.

Humans have gone from running around with pointy sticks and painting on walls to building stations and bases throughout the whole galaxy, actively fighting gaurdian and thargoid tech with decent success and overall have gained a sort of even playing field with the thargoid and gaurdian tech and it only took use a few hundred thousands of years to do so.

Like. If we went from throwing stones to going interstellar in like 150,000 years. Imagine how crazy advanced we'd be if we had the millions of years of develoipment the thargoids and gaurdians had.

I know thargoids and gaurdians have technically better tech, it feels like they should be a whole lot more crazy advanced. From what we know the tehcnoligcal development curve of these 2 species is shockingly lower than humans and it wont take very long before humans surpass them.

Am i Missing something?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/k6qzth/why_do_the_alien_species_feel_not_that_advanced/

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