Why does BSG not overtly fight cheaters like other games?

Counter Strike – Kill cams, over-watch, in game report feature, out of game report feature
DotA 2 – Spectator mode, report feature, in game replay watcher
PUBG – In game report feature, out of game report feature, killcam,
DayZ – servers are owned independently, server owners can view logs to see if people are spawning shit, can ghost them, watch them in third person

Tarkov?????: No report feature, no killcam, no post raid replay, and if they're a scav – you don't even get to know their name.

I know this game was designed around an artistic vision but now that it's become a highly competitive battle arena-esque game with real life gains to be made. There needs to be way better policing. I really don't like being gunned down by the most obvious speed hacker, not being able to report them, hoping they get taken out by a wave of bans just to be killed by them 2 days later.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/gxfzck/why_does_bsg_not_overtly_fight_cheaters_like/

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