Why Does Draft Mode Have Packages Called Geralt Unleashed?

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Well, I was a regular player of Arena. I didn't really like playing draft mode before the recent big patch. Its still a long way from being perfect but why does this mode have triple geralt packages?

I understand that it gets easier to expect two more geralts after the first one. But, everyone knows how game changing ability these cards possess.

For example, I just went for a bleed in round 2 and tempo passed with Gedy, hoping that he would need two cards+leader to catch me— guess what, he slams a geralt yrden and catches me in one card (boosts were balanced).
Then he plays Geralt Professional and Igni in the third round where the game felt like total waste of my time.

I don't care how SY is cancer or ladder is ****, I'm just upset to see, there isn't any casual mode to play. If this mode is supposed to have broken packages like geralt and others, why remove arena in the first place??

To be honest, I still remember the time between arena closing announcement and draft beta launch, playing arena back then was a lot more fun!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/gwent/comments/pgsmkz/why_does_draft_mode_have_packages_called_geralt/

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