Why does eveyone spawn at the same time?

I have played for a long time right now, and I know everyone is going to come and say me that the game works like that. But a game that is about looting and getting out of a zone I can't see the logic of spawning everyone at the same time apart from the hot places where the good loot is (because there is no dynamic loot of course). I mean, isn't Tarkov about getting in, looting buildings near you or on your road, once you are full get out and fight in case you run into somebody? Isn't it all about inmersion? Then why do we still have to spawn like in a Hunger Games match where the people near you knows where you are and if they are big they will just hunt you in less than a minute? And what about the timer, if you stand more than 40 mins (example) you loose everything… I don't have the answer for all of this and the problems there could appear, but Tarkov is going to become a dynamic 1 big map game with safe zones and traders in it without those time limits so you may go to places much more later than other people and loot will have to be dynamic too in a future. So why is still the game so oriented in that short raid style? I mean, those developers come from STALKER.

I'm just saying this because I love the inmersion of this game but those things break it completely and make me return to STALKER Anomaly… I hope I made myself clear, I'm looking forward for reading your opinions!

P.D.: Sorry for my english, not my mother lenguage, neither the second one.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/jtlhn6/why_does_eveyone_spawn_at_the_same_time/

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