Why does Frontier keep the Multicrew in such a limited state?

Here's the stuff people have been requesting forever:

  1. Let players give more/full control over their ships to friends (minus self destruct). ie. Helm, Nav, etc.
  2. Let players access outfitting with friends in the ship, so they don't have to kick their friends every time they want to swap loadouts
  3. Allow SRVs to work in multicrew. Or at least allow one person to remain in the ship while the other person operates the SRV, so exploration is actually something you can do with friends.
  4. Let players share mission rewards in some way.

It's like they hyped it up as a major feature of Horizons and then dropped an alpha-level version of Multi-crew that barely even functions outside of letting one person be a gunner/passive passenger.

So many of these seem so easy to fix too, but it's as if it goes against their design philosophy or something, so they refuse to do any sort of work on it. I don't think there's been a single meaningful change to multicrew since its release, despite there being a lot of feedback echoing the same suggestions over and over.

As it stands, I can't even help plot a bloody course for my friend or request docking because only the helmsman can do that for some reason.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/ma7v3v/why_does_frontier_keep_the_multicrew_in_such_a/

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