Why does Nilfgaard have so few high end provision cards (12+) compared to other factions ?

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So i was looking at nilfgaard in the deckbuilder and something immediately came to mind; NG doesnt have enough super high provision cards, this is why i think NG has only ever played ball because there are no other archetypes supported by their high end provision cards.

Lets compare NG to other factions:

NG has 3 12+ provision cards.

NR has 8 12+ provisions cards.

MO has 8 12+ provision cards.

SY has 5 12+ provision cards.

SK has 6 12+ provision cards.

ST has 8 12+ provision cards.

This i think is the problem; It doesn't allow for a lot of variation, You either go for a ball deck or create some kind of midrange deck which is usually clog or maybe hyperthin nowadays.

I would like to see in the future that NG also gets more high end provision cards to support different archeypes; NG mages, NG Soldiers, NG Agents/Spies or maybe even bring back more support for NG alchemy in a future expansion.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/gwent/comments/ogxmms/why_does_nilfgaard_have_so_few_high_end_provision/

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