Why don’t larger ships require a crew or team to maintain?

Wouldn’t it be a cool idea if the larger ships require a crew? Isn’t it kind of weird to have these huge ships that one person occupies?

I feel like this would give a better incentive to hire crew at all, and also give a deeper gameplay experience to the bigger ships.

Plus with visual multi crew in Odyssey, it could really be a way to improve the immersion of the game for flight. Going from a lone pilot to the captain of a crew on a larger ship.

I feel like it could add a meta game to the established gameplay loops. Almost like a light crew management system.

If you completely disagree please tell me why, id love to hear the negatives I’m clearly not thinking of right now. I’m not an expert with the ins and outs of the game also so please tell me why you disagree if you do, or how you’d alter the idea

Edit: Sorry when I say multi crew I just mean other crew, mainly I mean AI crew. I forgot that’s the name of the coop flight

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/l1h9sz/why_dont_larger_ships_require_a_crew_or_team_to/

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