Why Gwent Feels “Different” and Why MO is So Bad Now

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I feel like there has been a strange direction Gwent has been moving towards since Harvest of Sorrow (perhaps as a sort of an overcorrection of Thanedd Coup) and it has become even more prevalent with the latest expansion.

So, as we all know, Gwent has a "rock-paper-scisors" component to it ("pointslam-engines-control") which, generally speaking, will determine how favourable a matchup is depending on which type of deck you are running. This is, of course, highly nuanced, but the general gist of it is that, generally speaking, if you are running an engine heavy deck, you are most likely going to have a much more difficult time against a control heavy deck than the other way around.

And thus comes the crux of my argument: the latest cards and patches have highly favoured control (and, to a lesser degree, engines) while barely touching pointslam. It used to be that pointslam could just beat control rather easily, but that is no longer the case; and, since MO lacks any sort of decent control, it has been stuggling quite a lot. Currently, there are two type of decks: decks with heavy control and some pointslam cards here and there to keep up with the opponent; and decks with tons of engines and some control cards here and there to keep their engines alive. It becames a battle of "can I 'out-engine' your control" versus "can I 'out-control' your engines".

That doesn't mean that pointslam cards were not created, of course: Ring of Favour, for example, was a ton of points for just 8p. But that's essentially it: there are a few good gold pointslam cards here and there now but, besides that, pointslam decks have just been severely overlooked and powercrept overall. Trying to fix Vampires, Deathwish, and, to a lesser extent, Wild Hunt is good and all, but those are still engine heavy decks and what MO needs is to regain it's status as the pointslam powerhouse, with better bronze options that go beyond your typical "conditional 9 power 5p bronze". That's it, thanks for coming to my TED Talk!

P. S. – How the hell is Sigvald not like 9p? He would see play even then: he is basically a 7 power Olgierd that can be boosted! Unless you have a lock or Heatwave in hand, you just can't touch this guy, and that's almost as insane as Immunity! Why is Vanadain brought to 9p but this guy is ok at 7p?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/gwent/comments/unjpk7/why_gwent_feels_different_and_why_mo_is_so_bad_now/

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