Why hatchet running is ruining the game.

Hello everyone, I want to discuss the reasons why I think hatchet running should be frowned upon by the community and the devs as well.
I know many players seems to either not care or think it's a perfectly fine way to play the game. I'm not here to tell you how to play your game. I only want to bring to light the reason why hatchet running is affecting others game experience in a negative way.
From my own personal experience before FiR status there was for example many times where there would be lobbies filled with hatchet runners that would suck up all the best loot into thier secure container and die with no consequence. Now the players with actually gear and something to lose get 0 good loot and there would be no real pvp just naked people running around. Doesn't exactly constitute fun and exciting gameplay. It has gotten better since FiR and Marked/cursed but it's still happening constantly just now these players are running in as a level 50 with pistols and a rig to get around the cursed status.

  1. Hatchet running has no downsides, no loss of gear means no reason to need to try and survive.
  2. Loss of the best loot on maps to someone much faster due to no gear.
  3. Nikita directly addressed the hatchet runner issues by stating it was not how he wanted players to loot.
  4. Takes away the pvp aspect of the game by adding no real challenge.

There is the arguement that new players may run out of gear and not have anything so they will be forced to. Which I understand can happen. There is a scav that they can use to get gear. But still it can happen. I think if Nikita introduced a minimum value you have to bring in to raid at a certain level that might combat this issue. What do you guys think?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/nn4vpk/why_hatchet_running_is_ruining_the_game/

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