Why I think Gwent is boring right now

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Dont get me wrong, I love the game, Im playing since beta.
But the last lets say 6 months its getting so redundant if you know what I mean.

Every Meta has always just a handfull of the same decks which are played in ranks and pro.
Currently its the Quadruple Joachim, Eist, Hacker, and sometimes Arachas

But I have the feeling that other decks, interesting and fun decks, are not playable because you dont have any chance with anything else.

Dwarves, Frost, Thrive, Harmony, Witchers is rated high Tiers but its useless – people always discover the broken combos like the "new" Nilfgaard and play nothing else, even in Pro Rank I dont see much variations.

I play like 5-10 games everyday and its always the same matchups, although we got so many cool cards lately. But literally nobody is playing them because most of them are week e.g. Foltest or Meve.

But maybe its just me and I need a break.

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