Why in the right circumstances, faking tasks may be a good stategy

It's probably not what you think it is, it's not to be a fake imposter, hear me out

When everyone is crowded around lights, comms, admin ID task, or any time there is a huge stack, it is better to not actually do the task, and to keep an eye on everyone. Stacks are usually when imposters try to kill, so by not actually fixing the lights, you can catch people trying to stack kill. I've already caught five people like this, it works really well

Last time I posted this, a lot of people said that if you stay in the stack, you could still get killed, or that you would get sussed out for faking a task

Do this only on things like lights or comms, where people can't tell if you're faking or not, or on things like card swipe or admin ID where it would make sense for some people to be slow at it, or if you're known to go afk sometimes, you can just say you were afk

as for getting killed while in the stack

it's common knowledge that if it's possible to know who an imposter is, sacrificing a crewmate isn't much of a problem

there are three outcomes: you see who the imposter is, you get killed, or nothing happens

we ignore the outcome of nothing happens, and only focus on getting killed, or seeing the imposter in action

if there is a stack of only three people including you (which to be fair doesn't really count as a stack), you have at least a 50% chance of seeing the imp, and at most a 50% of getting killed, which is a fair tradeoff, meaning it is in the crew's favor for you to not do the task and watch for stack kills (i say at least 50% and at most 50% because of the chance of more people joining the stack)

if there is a stack of four or more people including you, the chances of getting killed is 33% or less, and the stack becomes more attractive to imps wanting to make a stack kill, meaning the chances of seeing the imp is also higher

meanwhile if you just do the task in the stack, there's no chance of you seeing the imp, and the chance of getting killed by the imp stays the same

if you stand near the stack but not in it, the imposter would know that someone is watching, and is much less likely to kill

so if possible, you should stay in the stack to watch for kills

also, if you're gonna fake tasks to fake being an imp, that's just annoying and not helping anyone, don't do that

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/AmongUs/comments/jjcv0z/why_in_the_right_circumstances_faking_tasks_may/

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