Why is cherry picking your replies ok on a developer supported sub

The epic staff only reply to threads they can easy answer or fob off yet dozens of more important questions are ignored completely, this happens every week. Why do the mods allow this as surely there is a difference between and developer supported and developer only answering what they feel is easy and ignore the rest.

At this point I think the subs serves only Epic and not the players, epic shut down there own forums and treat this one like somewhere to pop into once a while. I play half dozen other games and not one would allow the distain that happens to players from game staff on a forum not owned by the game company

Mods can you tell us why you keep letting the staff treat us with so little care?

Do you get free vbucks or some other perks?, do you agree with the way epic treat us? Is this forum what you imagine a developer supported community should look like.

Many quality posters and content creators no longer post in here so we have to ask what is the point of epic being here if all they want is a tickbox to say they support the game


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/FORTnITE/comments/mpywgy/why_is_cherry_picking_your_replies_ok_on_a/

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