Why is everyone so mad about them removing the gamemode select screen?

Since this has been announced I've been seeing so many comments about how awful it is. The new way to get to STW will probably be a little longer, but it'll make the game feel like it's actually an official part of Fortnite instead of being this awkward side mode.

I've seen some comments about how you'll have to scroll through hundreds of red vs blue maps to find it, but the truth is that you don't even need to see any of those before seeing StW.

Here's most likely how you'll be able to see it: Gamemode select > scroll down once to the "By Epic" tab > maybe scroll to the side a couple times

You can also favorite the mode so that it's even easier along with having it as most likely the first mode you see in the gamemode select screen in the "Recently Played" section. Also it's gonna probably gonna be a whole lot easier to swap between the modes.

Edit: the menu is also completely useless to the majority of players since the BR and Creative buttons go to the same place.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/FORTnITE/comments/ssv676/why_is_everyone_so_mad_about_them_removing_the/

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