Why is late spawn still a thing?

I get that EFT is the kind of game that after years has only just put in the MK12 gas block from level 1 trader, and only just made it so you can filter fuels by its consumed amount, but given the nature of this game, shouldn't late spawn issue be one of the highest priority issue to address?

BSG did a fantastic job with finally tackling stutter issues (even though the inventory freezes your game every time you try to close it. Died to a scav because my inventory didn't want me to go back to my game. Thanks). BSG did a fantastic job with server related issues since December (remember the 30+ min waits? hell yeah). But late spawn is a critical issue that I, for the life of me, cannot understand why they are not even addressing this issue.

The words "Synchronizing with other players", "Awaiting session start", "Waiting for players" don't mean shit. While you are "synchronizing" you are actually just stuck in loading while other players start their raid. While you are "Awaiting session start", other players are starting their raid. Rarely does it happen for everyone to start the game together. Why?

The way the maps are designed and game is played, having the good spawn with no late spawn is winning the lottery. Is this intended game design? Realism speaking to the nature of social hierarchy?

And when late spawn gets so scuffed that the moment spawn, you get instantly head shot. Is this game design?

I'm so fucking tired of this shit. For every good that BSG does for this amazing game, there are so many other issues that need to be addressed. I get that the team of their size is not big enough to tackle all of them together. Then slow the fuck down with the new contents and address issues that need addressing. Late spawn is game killer. Fix this shit

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