Why is league considered more accessible? In reality dota is infinitely more accessible.

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We always hear that league has more players because its more accessible.

The realty this is a lie that's spreading with no proof whatsoever.

Here is why dota is more accessible.

No Region lock. Are you from EU and your friends are from NA? No problem swap servers! You wanna play with your EU friends now? Swap it back! In LoL you literally have to pay to transfer servers and it takes days.

The entire game is free and on steam, who doesn't have steam in 2021?

I find dota actually simpler in concept to league, like significantly, and since you don't get all in-ed with ignite and die in 0.2 seconds to a random skillshot i find it more forgiving and more beginner friendly.

What I'm trying to say is dota if anything is more beginner friendly and more accessible. The idea is that dota is so complicated and that's why it turns away new players is just completely wrong its valve fault for their sub par marketing.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/okep1s/why_is_league_considered_more_accessible_in/

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