Why is the Gord nerf so uninspiring?

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I'm not the biggest fan of Gord, but I liked the design. To just come and hard cap a card seems an insult to the basis of the game.

I think the An Craite Greatsword rework was really interesting and opened up new ways to play with heal.

I cannot believe I have to read on a card that it literally will not go higher.

Saw what you will about the Drill change, but it keeps it high potential but gives your opponent a chance against it. But it's not just that, it's flavorful because now we can get more cards that do more when a Crime is first or amount of Crimes played, so it actually opens up more possibilities.

But for Gord, they could have changed the design, in a similar way where it depends on specials on graveyard so you can have the same potential but in a different playstyle. Not just that but there's a lot of graveyard synergy now. They could have done anything but it saddens me to see that a card has been hard capped just because they didn't have a smart answer.

I wish they did things right than rush it because the community wants an answer.

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