Why is there such an overwhelming number of complaints about EVERYTHING on this subreddit lately?

Every time I look on this sub since wipe, basically every 3rd post is a complaint about something or other, if the post isnt a complaint you can guarantee theres some shitshow in the comments? Whether it be cheaters, bugs, not enough content, people leveling too fast and the other thousand complaints a day; it's gotten to the point where I actively ignore most posts from a sub about the game I've enjoyed the most the past 2 months, it's just a sea of problems and never a single compiment towards the devs or how enjoyable this game can actually be unless its from newer players, with people expecting them to be slaves to Redditor opinions, its baffling

My point being, are people actually this unhappy playing this game all the time? I've had a fan-fuckin-tastic time this wipe, and it's only my 2nd, and in regards to cheaters I've met 1 definite cheater in a few hundred raids. I'm not asking you all to stop, this is a genuine question to the community;

What do you expect of a video game, which from a google search, has a a dev team of around 52 people? I feel the people on this sub need to either check themselves a little and remember they're talking to and about other people on here, the sub could do with some more common decency and respect

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/ormaby/why_is_there_such_an_overwhelming_number_of/

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