Why is this community obsessed with ship interiors when there is a much more obvious problem/feature that needs to be addressed

I don't get it, why are people so freaking obsessed with ship interiors and walking around them when there is such an obvious feature this game is lacking. So glaringly obvious, that a new person like myself is baffled that this isn't in the game. Unique ship HUDs.

I'm new to the game, I've only spent time in four ships: the Adder, the AspX, the Viper, and the Krait Mk 2. That's 4 different ships from 3 different manufacturers and honestly without looking around at the canopy design I couldn't tell you which one I'm flying in. That's pathetic! It ruins the excitement of flying a new ship for the first time. Welcome to the new ship, same as the old ship.

You can't tell me the people that made and designed this sleek looking Mamba, did all this work designing and building this ship to look like a piece of art and then we're just like, "Just use the same HUD as the sidewinder." That is ridiculous! That's like Ferrari just saying eff it and using the console of a Kia in their cars. If there is ONE single thing in this game that needs to be changed, it's this. At the VERY LEAST, each manufacturer should be unique.

This community needs to get it's priorities straight. Can't believe a bunch of you have been playing this game for years and haven't been demanding this. I've been playing for months and this drives me bonkers. It's totally sucks the drive out of me to acquire new ships when it is like this. I can't even imagine playing a game like war thunder, with cockpit only views, and every single cockpit was the exact same except the windows were a little different.

I really hope people stop wasting their energy on something as small as ship interiors and can prioritize a game changer like unique ship HUDs.

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