Why is this game actively going in a direction of widening the gap between players?

I think this is a straight up bad idea. The recent flea market change, the karma changes and the skill system all give artificial advantages to players who played more without the players actually doing anything other than playing more.

I play casually, due to work i am unable to play the game more than 2 days a week(not the entire day ofc). I don't have the physical time to grind xp, karma, skills and the likes. But the active encouragement of no-lifing the game by giving bonuses to players who play it more is simply offputting to me, since i cannot compete with the people who play the game more than me no matter how hard i try.

Players who play the game more always have an advantage since they simply have more knowledge in the game and are usually better mechanically than players who play it less, and this is fine, that's how veterans of the game win against more casual players. But giving said players an even bigger advantage through access to items and features that aren't available to others and even worsening the divide by giving players artificial boosters that add their movement speed, strength, recoil control and everything to make them curbstomp more casual players even harder is in my opinion, a bad direction to take.

Take the flea market for example, what reason does locking access to it behind a level accomplish?

I know that the attempt at increasing the level of the flea market is to extend the early game, but this in my opinion is an extremely bad approach, since it doesn't delay the early game by much and it makes the entire sub-level20 constantly stuck in "early game" while others have access to such features. Early game can be extended in other ways that don't increase the gap between players.

And the skill system, and the karma(it being extremely grindy in order to level up, 100 kills to get 1 reputation) and other systems that are purely there to make characters inherently stronger just via time invested is really offputting to me and people like me who love the game, love the pvp but would like a chance to compete.

However, i should also state that i'm not entirely against such systems, i believe that players who invest time in this game should be rewarded somehow, but i don't think that giving them a gameplay advantage is the proper reward.

Anyways, that's my 2 cents. I simply get bummed when i see people run faster, have access to better gear and are given an artificial boost to make them stronger for the simple fact that they played the game more. It should be stated that i love the game, i enjoy every raid and it's simply a one of a kind game. Even if the game doesn't change, i don't think i'll get annoyed enough from those things to leave. But i'd love if this state changes

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