Why is Valheim so good?

Valheim feels like an impossible game in alot of ways. I'm so impressed with how solid this game is. And I'm not even talking about how good the game looks, sounds, all the details of things you can do like being able to tame boars and stuff like that. That's all amazing, but what impresses me the most is that this is an open world game with so many different systems. Building, fishing, physics for trees, water physics, terrain alteration. Tons of moving parts basically.

In any other game, there would be so much shit going wrong all the time. When you'd chop a tree that tree would go flying. Sailing in the water would probably kill you and destroy your boat, or send your boat flying. Simple things like pulling the cart would be a shitshow in other games. In any other game this kinda stuff would be an absolute mess. Yet, in Valheim it all works perfectly, atleast in my experience. The only bug I have encountered is draugr sometimes spawning in rocks and one of the bosses getting stuck for a few seconds. That's it, almost 200 hours of play and that's the only thing that has gone wrong in this game.

What is it that makes this game so good compared to other games that do similar things? Just good programming? Why is it these big companies with endless money can't make a game that isn't a buggy piece of garbage? Clearly they can hire excellent talent. So what's the big difference? This game does so much more than alot of those games, and it does it flawlessly so I don't understand.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/mxymjj/why_is_valheim_so_good/

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