Why lined pockets nerf didnt go live this patch

Ciri Gwent witcher Game card

Yes you guessed it , lined pockets had more nerfs coming their way but they didnt go live this patch because making this patch underwhelming is strategic .

It all makes sense when you consider journeys .Yen journey will end in 30 days .Lets imagine that the patch notes from 3 days ago had actual nerfs for lined pockets , along side with couple more buffs to underperforming/dead cards . This would actually be a good one changing the meta game giving us a fresh season and while lined pockets would still be tier 1 it would be toned down and not problematic as it currently is for the game.

Now when the next journey comes we will get a lot more changes that we usually do , so people view this positevely and gain another reason to buy the journey .However making 8.4 underwhelming makes 100% sure that the 8.5 patch will be infinitely better because it will have actual work put into it , and it will shake up the meta by introducing the 3-4 nerfs to lined pockets withheld from us in 8,4.

Now since its good to question some things but not go overboard I will leave this next bit here since I am not confident(see holiday reasoning below) . Same thing happened with yen journey , at 8.1 we get the following balance changes :

New card: Madoc.

Succubus ability changed to: (…….)

followed by

Quoting 8.1 patch notes :

"This time, the patch does not bring much in terms of balance changes. It's not due to not seeing the need for it, but simply because of the holiday season that has cut short last month's time for development. "

which might be true and I am being a dik but

thats was it , at this point it was 1 and a half month of viy being super broken and no fix, however as I predict with lined pockets , viy got its deserved nerf paired with yen journey so people get excited for actually playing the game and buy the journey to support gwent and its team for doing a good job keeping the game alive and well.

Overall I hope I am imagining things but if this is already a pattern it effectively means that we will get 1/3 less good patch notes per year (or 1/3 underwhelming ones).

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/gwent/comments/mjvtho/why_lined_pockets_nerf_didnt_go_live_this_patch/

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