Why reddit is wrong about nerfing alumni

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Majority of posts I have seen about nerfing alumni have been about making the zeal condition harder to achieve. I think that's the wrong approach to looking at this card.

The problem with the card is not the floor of the card but the carryover/ceiling. Alumnis are broken when your students can get to 6-10 damage/boost numbers. If they were capped to deal 5 max damage/boost maybe 6 damage/boost they would feel perfectly fine. A 6 provision card playing as 9 points locked behind a zeal condition is honestly not even that strong compared to messengers and blightmaker/mage assasin thinning combo.

Once again the culprit seems to be the carryover aspect which has always been problematic in Gwent since the beginning with examples such as Viy, gord and most recently meditating mages. Gord being capped to 15 didn't kill the card it made the card a very strong 15 point finisher for 7 provisions instead of the 20+ points monstrosity it used to be. The same treatment being given to alumni would fix the card, fix Leticia interactions and make the deck not feel hopelessly oppressive to play against without being either a hyper control deck or NG.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/gwent/comments/qmvnpv/why_reddit_is_wrong_about_nerfing_alumni/

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