Why the Container Change is Not a Compromise

So the main idea behind the container change was to prevent the first person to get to a room to automatically get all the best loot. Running actual gear and heading towards rare loot spawns while still having a regard for your own survival means you get 0 loot because the hatchling got their faster with no regard for his safety. You get nothing they get everything.

So this "restrict guns / armor going into container" thing is not going to do anything at all for that. It's going to solve a completely different issue (which is still nice, I'm happy about this change too) but please don't call it a compromise when it comes to the looting issue. It does absolutely nothing. I was hoping BSG would stick to their position and let the casuals complain but maybe a silver lining is that this is just step 1 of a future process where they'll slowly make the game more hardcore.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/djnnb4/why_the_container_change_is_not_a_compromise/

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