Why there have to be 18 teams on TI and not 16?

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I can't imagine what a humiliating experience would be to come to the tournament and not even be on the stage. Yes, money is money, I get it. However, there will always be someone at the last place. It must be soul breaking to work so hard and qualify for TI and than never leave a hotel room. What is the purpose of it? Why can't it be 16 teams and even if you are last, you still have your moment on the stage, even at BO1. There is a lot of controversy about SA region rn, but the thing about those guys is that they probably did not count to win the tournament, let's be real. Those are teenagers who dreamed years to be there. I remember this TI when the first ever SA team was there and those guys were just happy to be on the stage. Yes, only 16 teams on the stage anyway, but at least there will be no door slammed right before their noses. It's fair, but it's unnecessary cruel.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/q5ijgo/why_there_have_to_be_18_teams_on_ti_and_not_16/

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