Will I be missing out?

I've been looking forward to playing this game for a long time. The clips that I've seen made me feel like the game really focuses on realism when it comes to gunplay and and damage done to players, which is what intrigued me. Finally got a gaming pc and gave it a go last night. I killed a guy from a good distance with the M4 iron sights, only took like 2 or 3 shots. Loved it.

Then, I met one of those bots that scream at you. Emptied my entire clip into him, barely missed any shots, if any. He just powered through those shots and shot me once to kill me. Then I'm like, okay, that was weird. Maybe desync or something. Then it happens again. Why? It is not satisfying to me to play games where you have to exhaust an unreal amount of bullets with direct hits to kill someone. I'm pretty soured on it and am contemplating not returning, would I be missing out?

I'm a hardcore DayZ player, and assumed the damage would be more like that

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