Will scav karma change playstyle?

Since the time Nikita said he was implementing scav karma. I've seen many posts lash out against people who kill other scavs. Claiming that scav karma will change how that player scav will get slapped by scavs in the future cause they will have bad karma.

Do yall honestly believe this?

The way I play is exactly how I play my pmc. Kill on sight and loot. So a karma system wouldn't change anything for me. Tagged and cursed would just mean an easier time of killing scavs or bosses if they are just charging me. (Besides killa, the only boss I struggling killing as a scav cause helmet is op)

Besides the way I play, pretty much every person I know plays the exact same way. I just wonder what's the thought process of yall who believe this will make scaving any different when it's implemented? Cause I bet there will just be people coming to reddit saying scav karma doesn't work cause scav players still kill me.

This is just a discussion and I'm not trolling yall, but I just wanna know. Seriously. What's to stop me from killing any other scav and player on sight other than other scavs not liking me. They don't like my pmc as it is.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/mto0br/will_scav_karma_change_playstyle/

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