Will the Hideout Punish Players Who Don’t Quest?

My favorite addition to Tarkov by far has been the flea market. It enabled me to completely forgo quests entirely and buy everything from the flea market, at the expense of having to pay a bit extra for some things (less for others though).

I ended up doing pretty well because I wasn't making dumb decisions in order to finish boring quests and I wasn't as frustrated and bored. I no longer have to worry about leveling up or doing any quests and it's just so freeing. For me the progression of the game lies in the building up of my stash by buying shitty loadouts and making good plays and graduating up to better and better loadouts. Quests have just never interested me in Tarkov.

But now with the implementation of the hideout, I heard there will be things to upgrade and new quests for it. I'm hoping we can bypass these quests that will inevitably be repetitive, unoriginal, and boring, by spending some of our hard earned rubles.

My worst nightmare is that the game will do something like this: Your character was injured in the raid, now you need to heal. Gather 15 ifaks in raid and turn them in to therapist so that you can heal cheaper and faster by building a new medical station.

It's cool with me if I can alternatively just buy 15 ifaaks at heavy inflation on flea market, just please don't make us feel like we have to do something this boring or we're punished for it.

That's my $0.02. Thanks for reading.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/dhz7se/will_the_hideout_punish_players_who_dont_quest/

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