Will we ever see this gun?

So personally i haven't really followed any sort of future updates except for the Lighthouse map and Streets that is coming up. But from what i have seen it looks great and i could not be more exited for it.

But here comes my question, Something i have wanted to see for a long time in this game. But not sure if it has ever been talked about or if its even in the works. Revolvers. My absolute favorite firearm. Both in real life and in video games. Clapping some fools to the sound of a 44 magnum is unbeatable, just…mwah

Now, i know. This is tarkov. And a 44 magnum might become somewhat overpowered? But im pretty confident that the Devs could balance it properly if that was ever a concern. Besides from revolvers, what i would love to see, if a bit unrealistic would deff be lever action rifles. But definitely id love to see revolvers added to the game. Has there ever been any word on if that is in development?

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