Winrate Boosting Accounts / Preparing for Sale

Mod Skin Dota 2

Hello Reddit,

First of All

I used to play FaceIt and decided to go for some games after years of not playing FaceIt.

Two games in a row I faced highwinrate enemies ~90-95% and lowwinrate teammates ~10%.

Ingame they would very quicky ban + pick in CM mode, after the bounties spawn they would concede.

What is going on here?

There is winrate boosting going on and they pinged which heroes to pick among themselfs, maybe to keep diversity up?

Below I will link the FaceIt Accounts + Dota Accounts + game IDs for reddit detectives.

Are these account being boosted for bragging rights or prepped for sale?

Account Example

300x matches last month, 95%+ winrate, tournament Lobbies (FaceIt)

First Game

FaceIt Accounts


Match ID

Second Game

FaceIt Accounts

Winrates + Games Played

Match ID



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