Wishful Odyssey Content

Hello there my fellow CMDRs. I have a question for you all, what would you like to see for future Odyssey content, specifically in reference to new planetary vehicles? My squad mates and I have come up with a couple of cool ideas that I think are worth sharing.

First off, a tank. Heavily armed and armored SRV, capable of holding two or three people, outfitted with better armor and shields. For weapons, you have a heavy plasma turret or laser turret, coupled with a missile rack capable of holding around 6 seeker missiles, with an additional antipersonnel multi-cannon. The controls would be spilt, one CMDR in charge of weapons, the other in charge of driving and the other functions. And hopefully you could also outfit this SRV to your liking with preferred weapons, armor and shield types, ect, similar to current ships, but WITHOUT engineering, we don't need another Odyssey engineering grind, the current one is bad enough.

Secondly, a fast ground skimming SRV, think Star Wars speeder bike from the moon of Endor or the Mandalorian. Fast, agile, hovers of the ground, similar to skimmers, but very lightly armored and armed as a trade off for this maneuverability and speed. Crucially, it can only carry a single ton of cargo and has no shields. This more than compensates for the speed and maneuverability, one hit and you could be done. They don't have to kill your SRV, all they have to do is kill you.

Third, a transport SRV, capable of hauling more cargo and CMDRs around and that is it. Just an upgraded and expanded Scarab that we have now. It would have stronger shields and more armor, but would also be larger and slower than its cousin, compensating for the larger cargo and passenger capacity.

And finally, a new SLF, specifically designed for ground combat, maybe outfitted with some dumb-fire missiles and multi-cannons that can target on foot CMDRs. But best of all, you can either use telepresence, or you can pilot and land the craft yourself. Of course, since it is designed for ground combat and can be inhabited, it is slow, less agile, and not as well armored and shielded as the other SLFs, to compensate for the advantages it does have. You might also have to introduce a handheld seeker missile to act as a counter, only time will tell if you need one.

So there you have it, four ideas for exciting and new content. What do you think CMDRs? What would you change or add to them? Do you have any ideas for different SRVs and SLFs for Odyssey? Have you come up with something completely different? Let me know!

For full disclosure, the tank SRV was mostly the brainchild of one of my squad mates. The ground skimming SRV was mine and the other two were really a joint creation.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/oqvm5b/wishful_odyssey_content/

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