Wishlist for balance changes

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My wish list for the next batch of balance changes:

Arondight: nerf to 10 provisions OR lose Echo.
I get that this card can be conditionally good or bad, but it’s almost always worth way more than 9 on blue coin, add Echo and this card kinda becomes a wincon its own. Golden Nekker decks are powerful enough without more OP 9 provision cards like this.

Ring of Favor: Nerf to 10 provisions OR it does not start in your hand and it’s visible to opponent similar to Wanderers.
This card more than any in the meta now definitely makes it feels like you’re paying against an NPC. Everyone is running it {hyperbolic I know}

Traveling Priestess: It’s a cool design, but it’s too good to be a bronze card. Should be a gold card limiting to one per deck. Also its ability should never reset when using teleportation or necromancy. The fact than you can use all the boosts again after it leaves and returns to the board is bonk.

Any others?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/gwent/comments/uhlqo9/wishlist_for_balance_changes/

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