Woods extraction rework needed

There is a set of Woods spawns that give you the totally opposite extracts than would be expected, and I wanted to start this discussion to see if others felt similarly, and what could be done to make it feel/play better.

Currently there is a set of spawns in the upper left portion of woods, directly above Outskirts extract, that give you the "Outskirts" set of extracts. This means that you spawn above Outskirts and navigate the map as such, only to have to rework your way back through the map to extract.

Scav bunker (https://i.redd.it/58iiphfq3z861.png) is another similar spawn that I just got out of raid with. I spawn there – rush lumber – loot emercom – and then walk over to UN roadblock assuming it's my extract. NOPE. I have to navigate back to the side of the map I spawned at. As someone who unironically mains Woods – this happens way to often with these spawns. You so obviously spawn and feel as if you're navigating towards the right side of the map and will be extracting over there, just to have to rewind back.

Some potential fixes to make this feel/play better:

– Bring back an extract similar to Cliff Descent.

– Add a keyed extract somewhere in the middle of the map.

– Make Northern UN Roadblock a more neutral extract for most spawns. I rarely use this extract, but would if it were accessible to more spawns.

Idk… have others experienced this? I feel like you only notice it if you play Woods a lot. It feels really bad.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/mr14m0/woods_extraction_rework_needed/

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