Working on a Melee Stat/ Damage calculator on google sheets, and need some help.

So for the past few days I have been working on a calculator so test out Melees with out having to painstakingly grind for Perk up Materials and so far the calculations are close to correct, as in a few numbers off since the game likes to round so much.

So far I only have the Damage and Crit damage numbers going off as well as attack speed to calculate the DPS and Critical DPS for users like me who main TRO. I would like to add the base damage numbers of each melee weapon and the whole formula for the Critical base damage explosions that is not out dated.

I do have heavy attack damage in there from some source but not entirely sure if it is correct. The help I need is the correct list of base damage for all schematics since I would like to do this for ranged and trap schematics as well so it will be easier for you commanders to find which weapons and traps will suit you with your hero build.

Empty Sheet For you to copy and test it out, let me know if you need help getting started, it was simply made for myself with no idea I would need help to get things started.

Sheet with my weapon Stats and Damage numbers


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