Would ‘LifePod’ rescues be an interesting game mechanic?

Would emergency rescues be an interesting mechanic if Frontier added a LifePod to the game?

Imagine being at a point where you had to jettison from your ship (or SRV in certain cases) and you could call in a wingman/squadron member to rescue you. Loss of vehicle would still be a thing but maybe reduce the insurance cost or split the cost with the rescue team after a successful recovery.

If your vehicle was destroyed near a landable planet they could provide just enough landing control where you could bring down the LifePod for a surface rescue. The LifePod has a limited life support system so there would be some urgency to rescue the crew mate.

Pirates/enemy squadron in the area? If your ship is destroyed and they capture your LifePod your wingman/squadron could pay a ransom to release you. Since the LifePod is an impenetrable bubble you would be safe from destruction if your crew decides to take on the pirates, as long as the rescue is completed in the time the life support was available.

Recovery of the LifePod would be handled as any other collectible object, via the cargo scoop or recovery limpet.

Make the LifePod a module to be purchased, allow it to be kitted to both ship and SRV when purchased.

Just an idea, anything else come to mind?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/m8qfk1/would_lifepod_rescues_be_an_interesting_game/

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