Would you change your gaming set up to ensure no cheating? (not a complaint thread)

Not trying to complain about cheating at all.

Curious how people would feel about switching up their gaming set up if it 100% guarantee there would be no cheaters.

Currently (as I am sure some of you know) cheating is possible because the server information is able to be read and then displayed and manipulated for instant headshots or whatever you want. Seeing people through walls for example is a direct result of server information going out to people's PC's, being read and then displayed in real time.

There is an answer to circumventing cheating and that's all server information being kept local on the server. This is obviously not viable right now and I think its going to be a good while before it will get bigger but it is the way of the future.. A good example of this would be something like Google Stadia. While Stadia is lame AF and not what people want right now, the only thing you are getting from the server is the game video, and audio. It's essentially a subscription paid virtual machine that you feed the control inputs back to.

This would render cheating nearly impossible unless you were playing with macro's or a modified controller to allow for faster shooting or something of that nature. This would still be easily circumvented with fire rate caps on weapons or whatever is being exploited. Mass adoption and changes are still a little way off I think. I like many in the gaming community would much rather have a custom PC and setup of my own. Paying monthly to rent a portion of a super PC, then games on top of that doesnt sound worth it to me.

But.. if you want to kill cheating for good this is pretty much the only answer there is… People unfortunately cannot be trusted to be fair if the opportunity exists to cheat.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/qkq5n9/would_you_change_your_gaming_set_up_to_ensure_no/

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