Would you like ship interiors, even if you have to run through the corridors every time to get out?

They mentioned on stream how ship interiors would be cool for the first few times you get in the ship but it would be too tedious to go through the corridors in order to get in or out while your ship is under attack and all sorts of things.
While i don't think that is the case, in fact i think it adds a lot of depth to gameplay and immersion, to see the interior designs and everything, i want to see what others (at least on reddit) would think about this.

I want to make this clear, i don't expect this to happen in Odyssey, i don't expect anything and any kind of answer at all and no, Dave, nobody cares about your "but this is space flight sim" answer, this is completely another section and you don't have to care about this if you don't want it, you can stay in your ship and fly all day, this is more for literally any other kind of player. Now, let's see the answers!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/md9e9v/would_you_like_ship_interiors_even_if_you_have_to/

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