Wow this game has really impressed me since I last seriously played it.

I honestly have fully played this game since it’s glory days when Ninja was ruling twitch and literally so much has changed and it’s crazy. I remember re downloading it about a year ago and saw so many things they added (dances, modes) and now I decided to see what’s going on with it and so much changed. From the menu to the battle pages to the massive store they have. No wonder they make so much money, it’s a lot of cool shit.
And now I’m getting into what I guess is a server(?) and playing a GTA V simulation type game with other people like WHAT!?!

But its so much fun and I may actually stick around. As for the stories of the seasons I don’t know that much about them but I do know about the events as I was part of the one that takes you through a wormhole and you go to a white place. But anyway I’m rambling, but it looks I may be playing FN for a while. I feel as it gets to much hate because it’s a BR but it’s so much variety!


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