Wrong meta for eternity long season

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I see it everytime gwent is running to the point I see it in my sleep as well right now…

Raffard, leader charge into first mage.
Natalis into AA into 2nd mage,
Then location into whichever mage got destroyed
Then shani into whichever mage died at 3 patience
Got a healthy lead? Attempt double Meditating
Trailing a bit? Slam down gerhard
Opponent tried to start some shit on their side of the board? Whip out a duel with a leader charge

You know how the story goes.

My frustration has less to do with the strength of the deck (I win at least half of the time against it) and more to do with the massive boredom swallowing me whole as I face the same deck with the same sequencing over, and over and over again.

even NG and ST are not seeing as much play anymore for some reason (pro rank). The only – not close – second is skellige, mostly the anti-mage hyper control.

So when a single card like Alumni single-handedly shaped a monotone meta like that. It's a screaming hint that it needs to change asap. And we have to wait 40+ days with the hope that its change has a real effect that we can enjoy a teeny tiny bit of variety again.

And with that my rant comes to an end, thank you for reading (if you made it this far)

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