Wtf is this matchmaking

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Just played a game of ranked (I’m 1160 mmr after that crushing defeat). Was matched with an Ogre offlane that built battle fury -> Midas and proceeded to have 0 impact, and said nothing all game. Enemy mid had 8000 games and is somehow in the lowest bracket against people that have less than 1k. Their skywrath also had about 3.5k games. I had the most on my team with ~1400ish.

Every game I have played lately has been a complete stomp – win or lose. I’m Finding it increasingly difficult to even want to play anymore because I have no idea who I’m going to get teamed up with or what the outcome of the game will be regardless of drafts.

Games where we have a strong draft and the enemy team is a bit strange I’ll usually predict, then proceed to get mauled in 20 mins and lose. Some games we’ll have a terrible draft against a full Meta team and somehow stomp enough early to end the game before their carry gets enough farm to do anything.

Am I missing something, cause ranked (at least in my bracket) seems unbelievably volatile right now. Somehow teamed up with people that are new to the game, but also matched against players with almost 10x as many games as me.


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