Yennefer’s Journey – Reflections

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Hello! Some reflections of mine on Yennefer's journey:

Overall, I enjoyed it a lot. I bought it right away, because Ilove her character and it was a good choice from CDPR. I skipped the Alzur journey, as I don't care much about him, Alzur's is the only one I have skipped for now.

Yes, there were some bugs with this journey. But when they were fixed, things look pretty good. All the stuff you can unlock is great and true to the lore. The images of the story are great, but some text to go along with them would have been nice – not simply the names of the missions, that's not enough. I reached level 100 and beyond 7 days before the deadline, so no problems with too much grind.

So, in short:


Great character fully deserving a story and more stuff to unlock

Nice illustrations and trinklets

Not too much grind

No Japanese (manga?) outfit for the character! Thanks for that. CDPR! Don't get me wrong, I don't hate Japan or anything, but the world of the Witcher has nothing to do with it! It is based on Slavic mythology and CDPR should know that pretty well.


No text for the illustrations – feels a little bare and empty to me.

Some bugs, which were later fixed.


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