Yo. Your thoughts…

I’ll be honest. I stopped playing for a little. Last time I played was last wipe. I was like level 42 w 50mil But I still go on reddit and scroll through and see eft clips and discussions. And just thought of something that I’m curious how you guys would feel about it (btw didn’t think that in-depth on it, so if there’s some obvious loopholes that I missed in this then my bad)

Anyways, what you think about all maps (or maybe just most maps) better looted scavs spawned. Like raider scavs on labs but for more maps. So it would be more fun to kill scavs and loot them and actually get something off of them with worth then literally just a burden and most of the time just sneaking passed them to save ammo. Your thoughts on that. I think it would be better just cause lbh scavs bore me so much in this game (when I played).

Now… I do think PLAYER scavs remain how they are now. Cause player scavs have a big pro (not paying for any gear) but decent con (having to extract w your free gear too). So player scavs remain the same. But ai scavs are more juiced.

Idk I like the idea. Maybe I’m wrong, let me know.
Ight cya.

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