“you are just toxic and deserve the ban” -this sub

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Year ago when I played a lot I made several comments and posts about the false report problem which led me to endless ban & lp loop. There were a lot of similar experiences posted daily and this sub always responded to them with "you are just toxic, you lie, report system is amazing".

Well, guess what happened now that the report system is fixed?

Constant 10k behavior. No bans. No LP. I even play worse now than before as I don't have to tryhard like on TI finals to avoid getting banned for a week from 4 false reports. I can even use chat to suggest doing something without fearing a false report.

I started to grind up from 5k bs, there were a lot less ragers, griefers and feeders than year ago, I guess people are more relaxed now when they don't have to stress false reports 24/7. Earlier I had griefers and feeders in nearly every game, now I've seen maybe 1 per month.

So fuck you all who kept repeating "report system is amazing, you guys are just toxic!!!"

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/mxyp75/you_are_just_toxic_and_deserve_the_ban_this_sub/

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