You can team all you want in public games, apparently…

I am not talking about in game teaming of staying together. Always annoying when the first thing someone says in the lobby before starting is Next Team, but whatever. I'm talking about what happened last night:

I was imposter. I was blue. I killed pink. Maybe not, but let's go with pink. It was in the storage room of Mira. All the way in so I figured it was basically a free kill. They'd never find the body. No one around so I run up out of the cafeteria and right around the V, I passed lime running toward the cafeteria. A few seconds later (not nearly enough time for them to have gone into storage), BZZZZZ! the emergency button is pressed.

Lime: "Blue killed pink. I don't know where."
Me: "What?"
Others: "He's probably new to map."
Others: "But this isn't a report. it is a button."
Lime: "I didn't see the body. I am playing in same room as pink. He told me blue killed him."

Somehow, because the settings were ridiculous and the vote time was like 30 seconds, the confusion lasted long enough that mine and my partner's skips tied the two votes for me. And we won in the next round. But in the lobby waiting, I said "Uh, you may want to ban pink and lime. They are obviously teaming." And I got a bunch of "So? Nothing wrong with teaming." I tried to explain to them that they weren't teaming in the game. They were cheating." Nothing I could say could make them understand that you could never kill one of them without the other one knowing for sure. So I left.

Amazingly, it happened again this afternoon. People who just come right out and say that the know someone is the imposter because their friend in the same room was the one killed. And no one else seemed to care!


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