You ever just play other FPS games during the late wipe cycle and go ‘man I really wish I was playing a new update on Tarkov right now?’

Been playing BF4 whenever it's the dead part of the cycle with a month or two to go before next wipe. It's a fun game, sure, fresh to me, and I enjoy the weapon selection, but at the end of the day it just doesn't compare to coming out of a raid with 2 GPUs stuffed up your arse, a quest under your belt and the kit of 3 players.

And the thing is, I'll try and go back and play EFT, but it's just not the same when everyone isn't risking anything and nobody you know is playing, just the random newbies who don't know the game well and the dudes who eat, breathe and sweat Tarkov. Nothing wrong with either of those groups, I just enjoy playing with my mates.

Anyway, you ever get those cravings? Really feels like the BPD art hoe ex of games, where you want more, but every time you're back you kinda regret it.


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