Your Most ‘Rewarding’ Map?

Curious as to what you guys feel is your most rewarding map to master. I'm not necessarily talking about the map you make the most money on (although this may be a factor). The map that once you learned, you felt confident on and, if not questing, is just your go to map to run to make some money and kill folks.

As a new player (strictly solo), the first map I learned was Customs and it quickly became my go to. But I realized the world was bigger and eventually would have to expand out. Eventually reserve became my favorite, good income, easy to get into buildings and out of sight lines for snipers and I just generally felt safer there. This is the map I really started getting confident on and transitioned from a scared rat to actually moving at a pace that was faster than a slowed crouch walk.

In pushing for Kappa i've of course had to expand out to basically every map. I really hate woods and thankfully quickly put SBIH there behind me. Shoreline has been okay, although I run into surprisingly few really geared players there.

The map that is really starting to feel great to me now is Interchange, at first I felt like I never got to get inside the mall, but I was just playing like an idiot, as most of us do when we're new. Now that I can actually get into the mall, it feels as if this map has some of the best PVP. There's actually some chads on the map as well with decent gear! I really feel like once I learn the map like the back of my hand, it'll be my new fav map in the game. Another plus is that the map runs like a dream to, get really nice frames and no stutters. Oh, and Killa…haha he still scares me a little, but I've dropped his ass a few times now.

What are some of your all favorite maps, and what makes them great to you?


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