Your raid timer can be desynced.

You spawn at 39:55 on Customs. Great missed the timer, but at least not the first minute of the raid right? Wrong. :<


Cashnalot (polish streamer) spawns in on with deploy timer:

Peebro spawns in syncing with other players, but not the end of the world, only missed 5 seconds according to his timer.

I'll let the clip show the difference in timings.

For those that don't want to watch the videos. In Customs, Peebro died at the train spawn trailer side just approximately 15 seconds into the raid. However for Cashnalot, he has spawned at train side of bridge, has time to fix his sharpness setting and sprint across to just past container and shoot Peebro (it takes at least 30 seconds for him to do this).


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