Your thoughts on the ranked system and do you think it needs changes?

gerald witcher3 gwent

I noticed that some people complain online that the ranked system is bad for the good players because it doesn't truly reward skill, because you can rank up with less then 50% winrate. I can give a different perspective on this. I can argue that this system is even worse for bad/average players (like me). I think they did ranked as it is right now with good intentions. When I saw it two months ago, when I started playing Gwent I thought it is awesome. You don't derank, how can that be bad, seems very user/noob friendly. Two months later I am already rank 4 and it is not very pleasant experience. The problem for bad to average players is that you can easily get stuck in a rank where you just don't belong. I am a variety player in card games. I just can't play the same deck for days. I usually have at least 4-5 decks too switch. And the problem is when I try some top tier 1 deck I start ranking, and then when I deicide to switch, I realize I am now stuck in a rank where I'm forced to play only the top deck/s in order to barely maintain 50/50 win rate. Which for my clearly shows, I just don't belong to this rank. You can say – It is your fault that you lose, just learn to play". Okay, cool, but it's not my fault I'm stuck in this rank, because in a normal ranked system where you can derank, I and every other player will always naturally find our true position on the ladder. Right now I must either never touch the top decks or ONLY play them. Until e get better in the game of course, but until then it is gonna be a miserable experience.

Yes there is deranking in the end of the season, but only two ranks a month is too slow to make any significant difference.


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