>200 hours is and still can’t get hang of it

I've played a lot of different fps games, mainly planetside 2 (1.5k hours) and cs go (1k hours).
Shoting and aiming feel really weird. I understand that games I mentioned have different dynamics but while I can perfectly track targets with weapon similar to r99 in planeside I can't do same in Apex. I just can't keep my crosshair on target. And I'm not talking about something extreme like flying pathfinder but just people strafing. Long range engagements feel especially frustrating, it almost feels like each shot have different bullet velocity, despite me trying to predict where bullet will land I miss 80% of time.

And one more, is bullet hit flinch moves your camera away or just "shakes" it? By that I mean if some shots me and I have my crosshair on him does it moves my crosshair away?

Any advices?

P.S. – PC

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/ggp7jh/200_hours_is_and_still_cant_get_hang_of_it/

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