60vs7 Custom Game Mode (Long Post)

Hey guys!

I'm currently working on a new custom game mode for Apex. This will be made in images and i want to use this post as a reference when the project is complete so nobody will be confused.

The mode itself: 7 overpowered individuals VS 60 Legends. Simple enough but pretty comlex on the inside.

For the Legends the goal is to eliminate the 7 overpowered individuals. For the 7 man army the goal is to kill everybody they find.

This is pretty much an experiment on how 60 people can cooperate with eachother to reach the main goal. With this will come the global chat/voice chat so all 60 players are able to communicate with eachother.

Yeah i know this sounds like disaster on crack…. and it really is, but once people realise that they need to cooperate to reach the goal, than they might succeed and maybe this could lead to a less toxic community. But enough of the BS let's get to the main feature.

Introduction of the Jericho squad:

The 7 man army is called the Jericho squad, they are specially trained supernatural soldiers. They possess supernatural abilities which make the superior in almost every way. They were sent by the government to liquidate this bloodsport event. (This is just some made up story that i come up with in order to tie the Jericho squad to Apex)

The members of the squad are: Cpt. Devin Ross as a healer, Cpt. Xavier Jones as a seer, Ft. Paul Rawlings as a healer/exorcist, Lt. Abigail Black as a telekinetic marksman, Sgt. Billie Church as a blood scribe, Sgt. Frank Delgado as a pyromancer and Cpl. Simone Cole as a reality hacker.

The gameplay:

The Jericho squad lands first so we can eliminate the bullshitness factor at the drop so nobody can be killed with the squads tactical/weaponry instantly and unfairly. After the squad have successfully landed the second drop ship appears and now you can drop normally. You will also spectate the landing of the Jericho so everybody will know where they are.

Everybody is in a trio as normally and nobody can hurt eachother so you must focus on your goal.

Loot will be increased tremendously because the server now has to support 67 people with gear ammo and supplies. This does not mean that loot rarity will be increased hugely so you will have to loot your dead foes for better gear if there are non left.

Every Jericho soldier has a set ammo type for their weapons they can't pick up any excess ammo then the defined amount and they can't pick up wrong ammunition. The same can be said about everything else. Every member has their set weapons and armor and ordnance so they can't pick up anything that the legends can except the right ammo type.

The ring works the same way as it would normally would. Jericho has to get in the circle too in order to not die. They receive twice the damage from the circle. Trapping the Jericho out of the circle would be the best way to deal with them more easily. The ring won't shrink after round 4 so a playable area will always exist.

Any member of any legend trio can pick up banners to revive fallen "teammates".

If the legends or the Jericho squad is eliminated the game ends. The remaining alive players will be shown in the champion screen just like normally.

Additional notes (this is important):

Twitch streamers could be given a personal code that if they share that code with their fans then they could join the streamers side in this mode which could result is better cooperation. If less then 59 people join the streamer then the remaining places will be filled with random players queueing at the time.

The Jericho squad can be made out of 7 friends so expect great cooperation. Each player can choose their own soldier from the Jericho to play as before the queueing starts.

I think I explained everything as good as i could, i would love to hear your feedback about this. I hope that you guys will find it as interesting as i do. If you misunderstood something or you don't understand something feel free to ask.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/cpj3en/60vs7_custom_game_mode_long_post/

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