A few quality of life ideas I thought of

today I thought of a few ideas that (in my opinion) would improve the game for the better

  1. crafting materials can be hard to get late game when replicators are dropped, so they’re practically useless late game. What I suggest is when you kill a player, you get half of the crafting materials they had, so you could craft ammo, heals, or attachments late game
  2. i know everyone has suggested this, but in a death box the evo shields should show how much damage is needed to get to their next rank, so I don’t have to constantly drop my shield, then pick is up to check.
  3. now that the gold shield is kinds useless I think 1 of 2 changes would be good is that it either gets 100 health again, and red evo is 125, or it all stays the same except it has fast helping again, making it viable late game
  4. recently knockdown shields, just haven't been Working at all, there have been times where I had it up, and they just shot through it, I think it should almost act like a bubble rather that a semi sphere in front you, to protect you from all sides

I have been playing since season 4 and LOVE apex and want it to succeed as a game.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/ig0uwg/a_few_quality_of_life_ideas_i_thought_of/

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